About School of Drive

The school of drive has been in operation for ten years. We began teaching students in classrooms between years 10 and 12 the theory of driving in several schools across rural Victoria and Melbourne metro almost from the start.

The safety of driving is also having a good understanding of safe driving behaviour and risk behaviour.


Why Us

One of the most important areas of teaching our students how to drive is what we do after the initial training has been ticked off our list.

We begin teaching our methods where we let our learner drivers go whichever way they like. They can turn right, left or just drive straight.

This helps our learner drivers look ahead and avoid hazards or just learn to interact with other road users to develop the skills they will need from the day they pass their drive test. The more you drive with us the better your skills will become because you decide where you’d like to be taught. We enjoy our teaching style and we are sure you will agree. Our Explorer session is just the perfect time duration for such teaching. This is the reason we say Why Us?

Our Test Routes Are Easy

All our driving instructors have good road knowledge and skills and know the test routes extremely well. The VicRoads test routes are not all we focus on but it’s equally important we teach the safety and reason behind the road rules while we are on the road.


Are all driving schools the same?

The answer is no way. While we are all in agreement we are here to help our learner drivers pass their driving licence test, it’s also very important to teach outside the testing area because road markings, street signs including speed limits signs and other different driving conditions all play a large part in building the confidence and competency to drive on our roads safely.