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We remain committed to our clients long after they begin solo driving. Our testimonials have proved this to be true.

About The School of Drive

The school of drive has been in operation for ten years. We began teaching students in classrooms between years 10 and 12 the theory of driving in several schools across rural Victoria and Melbourne metro almost from the start. The safety of driving is also having a good understanding of safe driving behaviour and risk behaviour. Understanding road fatigue and how almost 30% of road accidents in the country are due to human fatigue and how to avoid this dangerous killer from our roads.

We are not going to say how good we are when compared with other driving schools since this is the norm. All we want to say is how good you will be when you have passed your test. It’s more than just passing a test to us. It’s allowing our learner drivers understand the risk they will have to deal with all by themselves for the rest of their driving life. Wish you all well.

The handful of driving instructors working with us are understanding, caring and in some cases have been taught by us while under contract at the Epping campus at the time. We have picked the passionate and understanding driving instructors we know.

Our driving and assessment knowledge expands into teaching local learner drivers and overseas licence holders to acquire their Victorian driver licence at VicRoads offices across Melbourne with the main focus being in Bundoora, Broadmeadows and the Carlton VicRoads testing areas. All our driving instructors have good road knowledge and skills and know the test routes extremely well. The VicRoads test routes are not all we focus on but it’s equally important we teach the safety and reason behind the road rules while we are on the road.

The School of drive is also involved with training young learner permit holders to build competency behind the wheel before handing them to L2P volunteers. A program run by the local council.

Driving tests are booked when we see you are driving nice and safe. If for any reason a test turns into a fail and should this be due to us not teaching you correctly then we will provide a free retest, however, should the VicRoads tester stop the test, possibly due to speeding or failing to giveway then this would be beyond our control. A retest excludes the VicRoads rebooking fee. All our teachings are concise and it is our aim we keep it this way. It is our signature to see you pass first time. Everyone is unique in their driving ability and we will not go for a drive test if we see there is a high probability our learner is not ready for their drive test. Through our techniques, most learners identify their weaknesses and improve on them once we make them aware of them. Should our learner driver wishes to go for their test then this is entirely up to the individual although; we will never compromise our achievements with VicRoads.

We remain committed to our clients long after they begin solo driving. Our testimonials have proved this to be true.

We begin teaching our methods where we let our learner drivers go whichever way they like. They can turn right, left or just drive straight.

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