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“To provide a core understanding of every aspect of driving from the time the ignition is turned on till it’s tuned off.”

Our Mission

Every driving lesson provides a systematic delivery of competency and knowledge to build on the past and the future of handling a vehicle with confidence on our roads. The system based approach by our driving instructors is set up with rules and the different topics taught from the basics to the more advanced driving components to achieving the desired driving skills as we plan for the driving test and beyond. Our driving instructors will quickly assess each new learner driver and commence teaching from this point of competency.

Throughout the course of our driving lessons, we ask so many questions and our learner drivers provide the answers through repetitive driving. It is at this point, we feel it is time to book our driving test. Most of our driving tests are carried out at VicRoads Carlton, VicRoads Bundoora, VicRoads Broadmeadows and occasionally VicRoads Sunshine. When our learner drivers are close to their test, we would have gone over as many of the VicRoads test routes as time allows so they become familiar for their test before the big day. All drives starting from VicRoads are assessed on the real test routes. We donot alter any test route unless our learner makes a driving mistake and in such a case, we would break away and revisit the location where the driving mistake happened and explain what happened, then we would continue from where we  left off . We are very critical and aware that we must make our learner drivers familiarise themselves with the area.

Our learners are never under pressure, allowing them to remain in total control avoiding fear and wrong decision making.

If you have been on our website and have read this far, then we would like to thank you and can only suggest you make the initial contact via the contact page and you will hear from us very soon.

We begin teaching our methods where we let our learner drivers go whichever way they like. They can turn right, left or just drive straight.

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