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Lesson description Price
Assessment lesson 60 mins $45.00 for those near completion of their log book and/or in anticipation of preparing for their drive test.Meet at VicRoads for a pre-test assessment. Only one assessment per client.
1 x 45 minute lesson $ 45.00
5 x 45 minute lesson $210.00        Payable in two payments
1 x 60 minute lesson $ 55.00
5 x 60 minute lesson $250.00        Payable in two payments
120 minute $120.00*
Explorer x 2 $215.00
Test plus 60 minutes $200.00
Test plus 75 minutes $220.00***

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* Develop driving skills by allowing the learner driver build confidence exploring suburbs not usually visited. For example, Pickup from Essendon would see us travel east towards Doncaster/Greensborough or towards Caulfield/Armadale.

** In this 3.5 hour driving session, our learner driver starts by filling the fuel tank, check the tyre pressure and adjust if necessary. Check under the bonnet and other minor safety checks. The session takes into account an additional fifteen-minute break for a coffee or drink. We commence by driving to the airport followed by making our way to the Westgate freeway to Williamstown then to St Kilda, Caulfield and Chadstone depending on time. We continue towards place of pickup. We will always ask if there is an area our learner would like to drive to within Melbourne metro adding the extra challenge. Night drives carry the benefit of driving through King Street, an area where most teenagers go to and this alone can really be an eye opener for our learner drivers. This drive adds so much value to our learners in understanding and taking part on our roads. This is a great gift idea.

We begin teaching our methods where we let our learner drivers go whichever way they like. They can turn right, left or just drive straight.

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