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What’s right for me?

Everyone needs to plan and decide on the driving school to call. We do not drive all over Melbourne and our market niche is from the Fitzroy area to Epping. A more accurate map is provided to see if you’re in the area we specialize in. Conducting drive tests in three VicRoads offices for just over ten years suggests we decided to specialize in our home grounds. We believe in focusing on a niche area and build the high standard that others only write about. We know the VicRoads office environment really well and there is mutual respect between us and the staff at VicRoads

We are always happy to pick up and drop off from an agreed location to suit both parties. Unless we are told in advance about a possible drop off point, we may find it difficult to go elsewhere because our next lesson may only be a few minutes away.

We begin teaching our methods where we let our learner drivers go whichever way they like. They can turn right, left or just drive straight.

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